When is the best time to use a face mask or peel off mud mask?

What can be better than popping on a beauty face mask, putting your feet up and relaxing while the mask does all the hard work? The chances are that this little bit of ‘me’ time usually comes at the end of the day as part of the wind down to bed. But that’s not to say that the face mask should only be a part of an evening skin routine.

In fact, there is a growing feeling among beauty experts that a morning beauty mask can also have significant beauty-boosting benefits. With a huge array of beauty face masks available; everything from the peel off mud mask, to gel masks and hydrating face masks, is there really a ‘right’ time of day to get the most out of them?

Evening masks including a peel off mud mask

The whole process of the beauty face mask can feel like a moment of luxury and calm after a hectic day. One major benefit of evening masking, apart from the spa-like zen state it leaves you in, is that subsequent sleep will give skin the chance to really absorb the mask’s ingredients and all its skin-boosting properties. We all know that skin cells renew and heal during sleep so a pre-bedtime mask can really help to power up that process.

Clarifying masks, such as a peel off mud mask, exfoliating masks or a hydrating face mask, will all have a chance to work their magic in the wee small hours while you dream away. It is also worth considering the ingredients in your mask. Masks containing aloe vera or lavender can have a calming effect on you and your skin, making them ideal for use before sleep.

The morning mask

Unlike the evening mask which is about getting skin deep cleaned or moisturised for sleep, masking in the morning can prepare your skin for the day ahead. The morning mask is all about pepping and prepping. It can give skin the much-needed hydration boost it needs first thing in the morning and leave it feeling more refined, tighter and brighter.

It can also help to prime and prepare the skin for make-up. Beauty face masks that energise, brighten and hydrate can all give you a spring in your step for the day ahead, even if it means you may not be able to hit that snooze button quite so many times. Just don’t forget to properly remove that peel off mud mask before you step out of the door!

So, the verdict?

The absolute optimum time to mask simply depends on how you want to feel – relaxed and ready for sleep or prepped and primed for the day. Take a look at the mask’s ingredients and what it aims to achieve before you decide when to apply it. One thing is for sure, however: it’s always a good time to mask!

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