2020 has been a stressful year for everyone. Faced with lockdown, economic uncertainty and a global pandemic, we are probably all feeling a little down. But if you are feeling fatigued, you can bet it will be showing in your skin too.

It’s so important to give skin the nourishment it needs to avoid premature ageing and dull, tired-looking skin, Our best skin smoothing face mask will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, using natural products to smooth and hydrate the skin for glowing radiance and wrinkle-free skin.

The key to any good smoothing face mask is hydration. Within our skin smoothing face mask range you will find products designed to give your skin an intense moisturising hit. Using natural products such as shea cocoa butter, essential oils and fruit and plant-based extracts for anti-oxidant goodness, the skin will be left smoother, plumped and more refined.

We are proud to offer peel off masks, rich cream masks and deep treatments for hands and feet too. All of our masks have different properties. Some are designed to exfoliate and deeply cleanse so that the surface of the skin is smoother and more radiant. Others offer the plumping benefits of an intense moisture hit. Whatever your skin type or complaint, we are certain that you will find something within our range to suit your skin.