Cleansing is such an important part of your skincare routine, helping to remove excess dirt and build up from the skin. Whilst it’s important to cleanse twice a day, to go above and beyond we recommend using a cleansing facial mask 1 – 2 times per week.

Cleansing masks can come in all different formats including, gels, peel offs, muds, creams and even sheet masks. We have over 20 mask types at Que Bella and we guarantee you’ll find a suitable cleansing option, that’s perfect for your skin type. Some of our favourites include, the deep cleansing Black Charcoal Sheet Mask.

The sheet itself is made from a black bamboo charcoal sheet, whilst the serum is enriched with plumping and hydrating sodium hyaluronate, iris extract, cleansing aloe vera extract and detoxifying witch hazel water. It’s packed full of ingredients which helps to nourish and revive the skin.

Alternatively, our cleansing aloe vera cream mask is rich in essential oils and natural ingredients such as; tea tree oil, iris, zinc, witch hazel, aloe vera and even Vitamin A. This blend of ingredients is the perfect pick-me-up that you skin needs after removing your make up. Whilst this is also a cleansing facial mask, the cream like formula also helps to hydrate making it perfect for dry or dehydrated skin, as well as combination skin types.

Our full range of facial masks at Que Bella offers cleansing benefits, with up to 25 products to choose from. Plus our expert team of lab specialists are constantly working on the newest innovations to offer you new and improved cleansing solutions.