Our gel face mask range is full of some of our favorite face masks! The gel face masks we create have a variety of purposes and are suitable for all skin types, so there really is one for everyone to be able to enjoy. From toning and soothing, to hydrating and plumping, there is so much choice! Along with a wide variety of purposes, there are also plenty of scents to choose from, so you’re not limited when choosing the best gel face mask for your skin.

The honey & almond gel mask is one of the best gel face masks we can recommend, with highly hydrating and soothing properties. New to the premium range, is the 1% hyaluronic acid gel mask, which helps to improve skin elasticity and skin dryness.

Filter through our gel masks by your skin type to ensure the best possible outcome when using them. For any help and assistance be sure to speak to our skin and beauty experts, we’re always here to help and provide a fabulous skincare experience. Alternatively, opt to take our skin type quiz, so you know exactly what masks to look for and purchase.