Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a face mask in my skincare routine?

Face masks are a great way to enhance your skincare routine and relax with some super important self-care time. They contain ingredients that offer something extra and act as a great skin-pick-me-up. Whatever your skin concern, que bella have got you covered. From exfoliating face masks that help to remove dead skin cells, to hydrating cream masks that help to boost dull and dry skin, we know you’ll love our full range of gorgeous feel-good masks.

How long should I keep my face mask on?

This all depends on which mask you decide to use. Our peel off masks typically need a little longer to dry to get that oh-so-satisfying peel off perfection, whilst creams and gels need time for the skin to absorb all that goodness!  We always, always, recommend checking the directions and the precautions on the back of pack prior to use.

How often should you use a face mask

This is absolutely up to you and when you can find extra time for some self-care, but always consider these 3 things: Your skin type, the type of mask you’re using and what your skin concern is at the time of use.
Most of our face masks are perfect for weekly use while some can be used more frequently up to 2-3 times a week! But try not to worry and always listen to your skin. If your skin is feeling a little stressed and irritated, it may be best to skip a mask + chill session, and just chill instead.  Remember it is super important to protect your skins natural barrier and avoid over-use of products!

When’s the expiry date?

As all of our products are single use, they don’t have an expiry date. Yipeeee! However, as with any skincare product, if you’ve not used it for some time please ensure you do a patch test prior to use. Don’t worry though, you can check the details on the back of pack for full directions of use! If for any reason, you do want to know the date of manufacture of your product, you can email us directly at info@quebellabeauty.com and send us the batch code embossed on the seal of the sachet. One of our lovely expert advisors will be back in touch with you within 48 hours.

How many uses will I get from one sachet?

Our face mask sachets are sold as single use, however our amazing community often tell us how there’s plenty of product left over, meaning you may get a second use! It really depends on how you apply and layer the face mask onto the skin. If you do choose to save some of the product and reuse it later, our advice would be to seal the remaining product in an airtight container and don’t leave it longer than 3 days, once opened. If you’re really lucky, you may have purchased one of our multi-use treatments such as the moisturizing hydrogel eye masks which contains 3 pairs!
You’ll always know how much each pack contains or if there is more than one treatment in a sachet as it will state it clearly on the front of pack. 

What kind of face masks do you have?

At Que Bella, no mask is off limits; you can literally mask from head-to-toe! We have an extensive range of trend-led and scent-driven face masks comprising of: deeply cleansing and oil-absorbing muds and clays, cooling, soothing and nourishing creams, gently exfoliating and brightening gels or peels and soon-to-be hydrating sheets. Alternatively, we also offer a range of targeted treatments for more specific body parts such as hands and feet, and more sensitive areas such as the lips and the under eye area. 
All of our masks come with tailored directions for use so don’t worry if you’ve not tried one of these formats before. We absolutely pride ourselves on creating masks suitable for everyone – and by that, we mean we have a range of performance-based claims depending on your area for concern. But not only that (yes there’s more amazing-ness) our products are dermatologically approved and tested for all skin types so you can trust in us and get your self-care fix!

Who are your face masks suitable for?

Our priority is to create face masks that are effective, fun to use and accessible for everyone which is why we dermatologically test and approve our in line face masks, ensuring they’re suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin! We never miss a trick so you’ll find these claims on front of pack. Hopefully that gives you the peace of mind you need to mask with us and trust in our brand and products! After all, our mission is to build a community and safe-space for self-care so it’s important to us, that our products tick all of your boxes!

Where can I buy them?

Whilst our masks are not available to purchase directly on our website, you can purchase them exclusively at Target in the US. We’re super excited to be expanding our global presence and we’ll soon be available in Loblaws, Canada too. You can also visit our contact page to find your nearest retailer or shop directly on their website.

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