Frequently Asked Questions

How long to keep a face mask on

How long you leave your mask on depends upon which mask you are using. We recommend leaving our peel-off face masks on for 20 minutes, or until dry when it’s ready to peel off. For our clay, cream, gel and mud masks we recommend 15 minutes. And 10 minutes for our Glycolic Acid Gel Mask.

How often should you use a clay face mask

Clay masks help to draw out the skin’s impurities. It is recommended to use clay masks one to two times a week. People with a drier skin type should limit use to once a week, while oilier skin types can opt for twice a week.

How often should you use a face mask

How often you use a face mask depends on three things: your skin type, the type of mask and what your skin needs at that time. Many face masks are appropriate for weekly use, while others can be used more frequently but generally up to three times a week. Check the packaging for advice.

How often should I use a charcoal face mask

Charcoal masks are known to help remove impurities and tackle oily and spot-prone skin. Like clay masks, they should be used once or twice a week depending on your skin type. Those with drier skin types should avoid using a charcoal mask more than once a week.

How often to use face mask for oily skin

For oily skin, it is recommended that you use one of our facemasks specifically designed for oily skin up to twice a week. Using a face mask too often can bring out the natural oils in your face excessively, even making your skin produce more oil than usual.

Can I use two face masks in one day

Using facemasks more than once a day can have the opposite effect on your skin to that you desire. We recommend using our facemasks twice a day only to target different areas, for example, a full face mask along with one of our targeted masks.

How often should you use peel off face masks

We stock a wide range of peel off face masks, with everything from hydrating and refreshing to detoxifying properties. General advice is once a week for a peel-off face mask but it depends upon your skin type and the type of peel off mask you use.

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