Our Que Bella masks are essential when caring for oily skin types. People with oily skin wrongly assume that the main route to better skin is drying it out – wrong! Skin needs moisture to flourish and thrive.

We know oily skin can be frustrating, it wreaks havoc on your make-up routine, meaning a perfect make-up application can literally slide off your face mere hours after being put on. The good news is you are not doing anything to “cause” oily skin – it is hereditary, and you got it from one or both of your parents. You cannot change your skin type, however, you can care for it and make it work for you by establishing a routine, daily or weekly to nurture your skin.

As we have mentioned, people with oily skin still need oil, it is just that they produce a little bit more than they need, especially in the T-zone (the region between your forehead and nose). Que Bella masks are great when it comes to focusing on your trouble areas to attain the perfect results.

Skin tends to get dry after being cleansed and needs to be rehydrated. If skin is not hydrated after cleansing, the dry skin stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce sebum (the culprit behind all that oily skin).

Essentially, if you dry out your skin you will end up with an even oilier face, this is what makes these Que Bella face masks ideal as they not only exfoliate but contain hyaluronic acid which is a powerful moisturizer, giving skin a smoother, illuminated appearance.