Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask

(15 customer reviews)


Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask

(15 customer reviews)


For the ultimate Que Bella treatment, pick up the Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask and find out for yourself why it’s a best-seller! The face mask equivalent to a good meditation session, this skin treatment was designed to help you chill out – while also giving your skin a boost! Calming lavender essential oil is an age-old remedy for soothing and relaxing, while the added seaweed extract replenishes and invigorates your skin. These ingredients are complemented by magnesium, potassium, and calcium to leave your skin cleansed and toned


● Dermatologically tested and easy to use
● Enriched with lavender essential oil for a soothing scent
● Designed to cleanse and invigorate skin
● Enriched with nourishing and invigorating seaweed extract which is known for it’s high content of vitamins and minerals

Directions for Use

Cleanse your face with warm water and gently apply the mask with your fingertips. Kick back and relax for up to 15 minutes while the Que Bella Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask gets to work. Once you’ve finished nourishing your skin, rinse off the mask with warm water and pat your face dry with a soft towel or cloth.


This face mask is for external use by adults only and needs to be kept out of the reach of children. Do not use this product on sensitive or broken skin. We recommend testing a small quantity of the face mask on the inside of the upper arm prior to use – if sensitivity occurs, do not use it. Avoid contact with your eyes and, if the product gets into your eyes, rinse them well with clean water. Follow the directions.

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Customer Reviews

15 reviews for Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask

  1. Gloria Netherly

    If you are looking for a mud face mask that leaves your skin feeling super soft give this one a go!

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  2. Kaylee Haase

    Smelled amazing but kind of burnt my face. Essential oils are drying and irritating to some skin types so just be aware! Other than that my face felt nice and smooth afterwards!

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  3. Eufemia

    This is what I am expecting from a mud musk! Smell was very nice and natural, great combination with the lavender oil. No allergic reaction on my skin, even if I kept it a bit longer since I liked the feeling on my skin and the way it dried out. It was easy to remove with warm water.

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  4. Karen

    Nice and refreshing. Could easily get 2 masks out of the sachet.

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  5. Frayja

    Lavender is not my fav smell but due to relaxing & mud mask elements, I was drawn to this. First up lots of product in packaging 3 masks worth. 2 very good 1 very thin. Smell is not lavender overpowering and I personally found it smelt a bit like marzipan which was nice! Now I have such sensitive skin so I’m always hesitant to wash stuff off right away and give it a few mins, there was a tingling sensation about 15secs after applying the product this disappeared around 1min later. Left on for about 10mins and easily washed off with warm water. Skin had a light pink ness but tahts my skin I knew it would happen with the tingling sensation. My skin is so so soft and has been for 2days.

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  6. Sarah

    This was really easy to apply. Plenty of the product. My face felt really smooth and refreshed after i had washed it off. I would use this product again

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  7. Polly

    Using this made me feel so relaxed and my skin felt so much smoother after!

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  8. Laura

    I love the smell of lavender! Such a great mud mask that made me feel so relaxed and my skin feeling refreshed!

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  9. Kerry

    I love this mask! On first opening the sachet I was a little apprehensive about the strong lavender smell, but this subsided on application into a subtle aroma. It dried easily and felt lovely on my skin, I was able to relax without the mask cracking as some mud treatments tend to. The mask washed off easily leaving my skin smooth. I suffer from high colouring and this certainly toned down the redness. The information on the sachet is very informative – vegan, cruelty-free etc and there is enough product for two applications.

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  10. Lauren

    Quite a strong smell of lavender – great if you’re really wanting a relaxing evening! Wasn’t too powerful on the face. Easy to apply and wash off

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  11. Leah

    This smells amazing! Soo relaxing and left my skin feeling really soft! Used the whole pack, but could have definitely got 2 go’s out of it!

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  12. Luella

    So relaxing, strong smelling and nice thick mask. Face felt smooth afterwards.

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  13. Tracey

    Home from work, hot bath and face mask on.. Spreads and cover the whole face, plenty in the packet… It smells great, and does relax you.. Brings you down from the top of the tree, to ground level…

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  14. Lisa

    This mask was so thick and great to apply, there was plenty in the packet as well. Nice to put on after a long day to just relax and switch off with. It smells nice too with it being lavender and left my skin feeling smooth after.

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  15. Kirstie

    Lavender face mask easy to apply ,dries on your face after 15-20mins ,smells lovely . Easy was wash off with flannel Love it

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