Peel off

Peel-off face masks are great, doing everything that non-peel off masks do without the mess. They are also fun – you just peel them off (see if you can do this all in one go, which is a bit like trying to peel an apple without breaking the skin!), splash some cold water on your face and you are done.

As with all face masks, you need to know what you want the mask to achieve, such as nourishing, moisturising or detoxing. Some peel-off masks will do more than one thing, so check before you buy. We think it is a good idea to make a list, in descending order, of what you want from your mask. Include whether you want any particular ingredients and then choose the one that meets your requirements.

One of the benefits of peel-off masks is that they stick to the top layer of dead skin cells. When you peel them off, they remove this layer and any remaining dirt. A peel-off mask effectively exfoliates our skin, enabling moisturiser to be absorbed better. Another benefit is that the mask will stick to our fine facials hairs, removing them at the same time and instantly brightening our complexions.

Peel-off masks are also great at tightening our skin, making our pores look reduced and temporarily tightening any fine lines we may have. Of course, we need to keep our faces still while we have a mask on, and the best way to do this is to lie down and relax. Who doesn’t benefit from doing this?

With our wide range of masks, you may decide you want to try them all at different times for different effects. Have fun!