At Que Bella, we take skin care seriously and take pride in producing beautiful products that will go beyond our customer expectations. For those of our customers who have dry skin, we have created an extensive range of face products to use as part of your daily skincare routine that will achieve satisfying results.

Our face masks come in a range of scents and formats ranging from mud masks to peel off masks, ensuring there is ample choice for all our customers. We have designed face masks that will care for your dry skin by giving a deep conditioning treatment through the use of aloe vera extract, and that will also help cleanse and tone your face with the addition of witch hazel. Other masks have other specific ingredients that will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling fresh and soft to the touch. For those of our customers who wish to share their spa experience with friends, we have a 6 pack mask set that creates the perfect pamper session, or you can simply treat yourself to a variety of treatment masks.

In addition to our face masks that are suitable for dry skin, we also create masks for your hands and feet as these areas of your body also deserve some tender loving care. Our hand masks will repair and hydrate your dry or damaged hands.. Similarly, our foot masks are designed to create a spa experience to soothe your feet, they help to soften dry and cracked skin on your soles and heels leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalized.