At Que Bella, we recognise that everyone has different types of skin and, with this in mind we strive to produce and deliver quality products that will appeal to a large customer base. If you have normal, or any combination of skin types, we have an extensive range of face masks to suit your requirements that will ultimately become a part of your regular skincare routine.

Our masks come in a selection of scents to ensure there is a choice for everyone. Whether it be the removal of dead skin cells or pampering yourself with a mask enriched with violet and jasmine extract, your skin will feel revived.

If you are looking for a brighter complexion and to rehydrate your skin our peel-off face masks with added sodium hyaluronate, will undoubtedly work to ensure that your skin is plumper, looks visibly less-tired, and will reduce the signs of ageing. Many of our cleansing and cooling masks serve to unblock your pores and will cleanse and tone your skin leaving it feeling soft.

With the addition of tea-tree, which works as an antioxidant, your face will be free of impurities.
Not only do we produce quality face masks, but we also develop quality products for your hands and feet, suitable for all skin types. Worn like a glove or socks, our masks will treat your hands and feet to a spa-like, intensive treatment to reinvigorate these parts of your body that are under daily pressure. They are also quick and convenient to use.