Anti Aging

Say goodbye to tired eyes and dehydrated skin with our functional, anti-ging face masks.

Within this range we have our hydrating 1% Hyaluronic Acid gel mask and our firming 2% Collagen solution cream mask.

All face masks within this range can help provide you with a gorgeous, glowing appearance for everyone to notice and envy.

Adding one of our anti-aging face masks to your skin care routine will keep your skin from looking and feeling tired, it will be moisturized, recharged and hydrated. We always advise testing the mask on you choose first on your skin to ensure it is right for you, it is important you follow the instructions correctly when applying one of the Que Bella anti-aging face masks for the first time.

Don’t worry if you suffer with dry skin, oily skin, combination or normal; our innovative team work hard to create face masks that are suitable for all skin types so everyone can benefit from one of our gorgeous, refreshing and not forgetting age defying face masks.