Pore Minimizing

As stewards of our skin, we are blessed to be alive during an empowered era where our individuality is celebrated. Yet confusion still reigns regarding our pores. Here at Que Bella Beauty, we offer informed, dermatologically tested, vegan-friendly products designed to deliver excellent results.

First, let’s dispel a few porous myths that continue to clog our beauty dialogue. The main function of our pores is to secrete oils to keep our skin healthy. Pollutants and potions clog and enlarge our pores, reducing their ability to effectively maintain our skin’s equilibrium. Pore-minimising products remove excess products and irritants, leaving our pores clear, healthy and back to their natural size. There’s no need to ‘reduce’ the natural size of your pores. All you and your pores need is a good clean out.

Mud and clay are a wonderful way to revive and reset your pores to their natural state. Luckily for us, maintenance is easy and at Que Bella Beauty, cost effective too. Our pore minimising masks combine natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, iris extract with superior muds like the soft white clay, kaolin. These guys extract the residue while simultaneously giving your skin a lavish boost of essential minerals to pamper your hard working pores. And all you have to do is apply our pore minimising mask, either to problem prone areas or all over your gorgeous face.

The results are fantastic. Clean, revitalised pores and visibly smoother skin. At Que Bella Beauty, we believe true beauty resides in the power of self-care. Health experts agree that how we treat ourselves has a major influence over our mental health. A simple, cost-effective Que Bella Beauty pore minimising face mask will transform clogged pores, revive a tired mind and bring you back to your natural effervescent self.