Do you spend most of the day on your feet looking forward to the moment you can get home, kick your shoes off, and rest? We don’t blame you, but we are here to help with our que bella intensive foot sock mask.

Although it is important to look after your face, it’s just as vital to care for your body and that includes your feet. Our foot mask provides you with the opportunity to take the pressure off your feet by revitalizing and moisturizing them. Your feet will feel amazing with our foot sock mask.

Our premium Intensive Foot Mask is enriched with apple extract and shea butter, two scrumptiously refreshing scents. The moisturizing and repairing sock-style mask welcomes a break to your feet as it helps soften dry, hard, and cracked skin on your soles and heels. 

Enjoy our flawless foot masks and consider pairing them with our hydrating hand masks for a full spa-at-home pamper experience.