Clarifying the skin is an important element of any skincare regime but one that sometimes tends to be overlooked.

Clarifying means to intensely cleanse and remove the skin of impurities. Over time pores can become blocked with oil, dirt, pollution and dead skin cells and this can lead to the appearance of duller skin. In order to prevent this regular purifying of the skin is needed.

Our range of clarifying products draw on natural ingredients to cleanse, purify and condition the skin so that pores are deeply cleansed with all traces of dirt removed.

We offer a variety of different treatments including rich, detoxing mud masks that are designed to work deep into the skin to absorb excess oils and actively draw out impurities. These products can also help to make pores appear smaller and less defined, reducing the appearance of blackheads and spots.

We also offer more lightweight gel creams that not only cleanse but also revive the complexion using antioxidant healing properties. This makes it look brighter and more rejuvenated, undoing the damage that a lack of clarifying can sometimes lead to.

Good hydration is also very important in the clarifying process. Any cleansing ritual should be followed by moisturising so that the skin isn’t left dry and drawn by the removal of natural oils. Our recharge and restore mask helps replenish moisture into the skin leaving it plump, youthful and bursting with brightness. This has the added bonus of reducing the appearance of fine lines.