Cruelty free and vegan skin care

At Que Bella Beauty, we are passionate about bringing our customers high quality skincare and cosmetic products. However, we also feel strongly about doing this in an ethical way that doesn’t compromise our values and supports the natural world. As such, we have a range of cruelty free and vegan skin care products on offer.

Cruelty free and vegan skin care products do differ. Vegan products refer to items solely made from natural, plant based products with no components or by-products from animals included. This is different to cruelty-free products that don’t test on animals but may still contain some animal based products.

But can opting for vegan face care really make a difference and why should you switch?

It’s kinder to animals

Testing on animals is cruel. It can be painful and distressing for the animals and in many cases is totally unnecessary. Lots of tests that are carried out on animals come back as inconclusive meaning that there are still no definitive answers as to whether or not the item can be safely used on humans. So the act of keeping animals caged up in inhumane conditions and testing products on them, causing them great distress, is utterly pointless and often yields no reliable results or benefits anyway.

Cruelty free and vegan skin care is better for you too

Vegan face care and vegan face mask in the UK rely on natural products, not nasty chemicals. For this reason, they are far less likely to irritate the skin or cause any allergic reactions. Items taken directly from nature – i.e. plants – contain more vitamins and antioxidants which will leave skin looking fresher and more radiant in a clean, natural way. It’s true that natural sometimes is best and by concocting too many man-made beauty products, we run the risk of damaging our skin.

It creates a greener planet

The beauty of the natural world is that it replenishes and restores itself. Most of our vegan face care is 100% organic and doesn’t harm the environment as toxic chemicals can. After use, they simply break down into harmless components and are absorbed back into the natural world.

It doesn’t compromise on quality or style

Within our range of vegan skin care, we are able to offer glitzy, illuminating peel off masks or a deep, nourishing cream masks. The benefits are still there; they are just much kinder to your skin and to the planet. So if you are considering making the transition to vegan and cruelty free products, then shop our range today.

Our Animal Testing Declaration

Product safety and compliance to regulation is of paramount important to Design Plus Health & Beauty LTD.

The EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 prohibits the testing on animals for ingredients and finished goods for cosmetic purposes.

Design Plus Healthy & Beauty LTD has not carried out or commissioned any animal testing on raw materials or finished formulations.

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