Back to College – productivity tips!

It’s that time again… going back to college or school can feel like a daunting time with lots to do and remember. We’ve got some ideas to help you get some good habits ready for the school year.

Use a planner

This will be your LIFE SAVER. Managing your time is key to staying on top of not only your school work but your busy schedule too. No need to remember what day to pack your sports kit, as you can just check your timetable. Planning is key to staying organised – little reminders go a long way!

Pack your bag the night before

This gives you time to think about what you need for the next day, rather than scrambling your things together in the morning in a mad dash out of the house. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

Set daily, weekly and monthly goals

Although you may not achieve all of them instantly, this provides some focus and direction. Whether weekly goals help you accomplish what you need to, or you have longer term monthly goals – do what works for you.

Clean your room

Your room is your sanctuary! When your safe space is tidy, so is your mind. The importance of sleep is key so having a clean space to relax in works wonders.

Always keep your to-do list manageable

Trying to accomplish too much too soon has the opposite effect of being productive. Being able to look at tasks at a glance and working on one at a time ensures you are able to focus and work on tasks effectively.

Take regular breaks

It’s healthy to take regular study breaks to maintain productivity. Working for too long without some rest reduces concentration and efficiency – so don’t forget to take 5!

Wake up earlier

Now we don’t expect everyone to do this, but the benefits of waking up earlier are worth it. You have more time to be productive and get much more done than snoozing the morning away. Although sleep is important, we think getting an early night from time to time may be a good idea!

College and School can provide many challenges, so following these tips will help give you the best chances of success. It will help you feel good about this time in your life, and you won’t regret it.

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