Deep Cleansing

If your skin is feeling congested, if your self-confidence is taking a bit of a hit from imperfections and blemishes, or if your pores are feeling a bit larger than life right now, a deep cleansing mask from Que Bella can leave your skin feeling cleansed, purified and refreshed.

Made from cleansing and soothing ingredients including tea tree oil, zinc, dead sea mud, aloe vera and witch hazel, our deep cleansing face masks can cool and refresh, absorb excess oil, draw out impurities and soothe your complexion. Incorporate our masks into your morning or evening skin care routine a few times a week or use as a pick-me-up whenever your skin needs some extra love and attention.

Our professional deep cleansing and detoxifying Que Bella face mask range contains formulations featuring extra super-charged ingredients including super-hydrating sodium hyaluronate and charcoal powder that will ensure your pores are thoroughly unblocked and your skin feels super clean, toned and hydrated.

Que Bella deep cleansing face masks come in a selection of fragrances, including soothing aloe vera, tea tree and our revitalising ultra-fresh scent. Similarly, we have ensured that there is a texture in our deep cleansing range to suit all skin types. Our masks have been designed with all skin types in mind, however our mud masks are formulated to tackle impurities and are particularly excellent for refreshing oily and combination skin types.

Similarly, our light cream masks are infused with nourishing ingredients that will calm and soothe drier skin types while still delivering a refreshing deep cleanse that will remove dirt and impurities.