Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera scent is not one that can be put in to specific words but what we can say is it is a scent that we all seem to know and love for its freshness and soothing effect.

Aloe Vera is quite a light smelling fragrance and is one that represents greenery and nature. Due to this it is why we love to use it in our face masks.

As all of our flawless face masks are made with natural ingredients aloe vera was a must for the Que Bella HQ. Not only is the scent refreshing but adding it in to a face mask provides a deep cleansing, revitalising aspect.

Try one of our Aloe Vera face masks for yourself today, you will feel the benefits after just one use!

Use aloe vera to illuminate oily skin and treat the T-Zone skin area. The freshness of our aloe vera face masks will soothe your skin and the great part is it is not limited to certain skin types.

We have our deep cleansing cream mask which is suitable for dry skin, combination skin and normal skin; something for everyone!

If you want smooth, refreshed, glowing skin you need to try our Aloe Vera masks. Get on the road to gorgeous skin with Que Bella and don’t forget to send us your reviews and photos!