How the Change of Season Can Affect Your Skin and What Can Help

Did you know that as the seasons change, so does your skin? Your skin, the body’s largest single organ, is actually impacted quite significantly from season to season. For example, when summer hits us, skin can become irritable, itchy or dry. This is because the hot weather can increase water loss from the body causing dehydration. This is why it’s so important, particularly in hot weather conditions, to keep drinking lots of water and this is encouraged.

We also sweat more and therefore skin becomes oily and the dead skin cells can cause an acne break out, driving further irritation and redness. The sun can be very damaging to the skin and it’s important to be really careful. Too much sun can also lead to premature ageing. It’s also really important to not get burnt and protect yourself from skin damage in those hot summer months, whether at home or abroad, with a high protection sunscreen applied regularly.

In the winter months, skin conditions such as eczema can be known to flare up and the outermost layers of your skin cells can in fact shrink. Cold winds can be especially damaging. Dry air takes out the moisture from the skin due to the cold temperatures and low humidity levels. So, cold weather is really tough on the skin and it can sometimes become so dry and battered that it cracks or bleeds, making it painful. You should try to exfoliate regularly and consider using a humidifier in those chilly winter months to help.

As we have seen, it’s crucial to take good care of your skin year round as part of a daily routine. Too many people neglect their skin, in particular their face, but there are things that you can be doing to protect your skin.

How to look after your face throughout the seasons

A Que Bella face mask variety pack is certainly a good place to start! Designed to nourish the skin and brighten up your complexion, the face mask variety pack come in groups of 5 with multiple functions depending upon your skin needs. The Que Bella face mask variety pack also make a nice little pampering gift for someone special.

For either warm or cold days, the vegan clay face mask from Que Bella is just what you need to leave your skin feeling refreshed and cool. Put the vegan clay face mask in the fridge before usage for extra cooling, especially on those hot, sweaty summer days. The vegan clay face mask also helps to draw out impurities, making the skin feel soft and revitalised.

Que Bella stocks a beauty face mask in many forms to help look after your precious skin. From brightening, to reviving, illuminating and pore treatment, there’s a Que Bella beauty face mask catering for all of your skin requirements.

It’s vital to not neglect your skin under any weather conditions, especially when there are solutions available including the amazing Que Bella range of face masks to help your skin glow and shine again.

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