The best way to avoid breakouts and blemishes

Getting your skincare routine perfect always seems like such a chore, and what works for our skin one week, might not the next. Unfortunately, there are so many contributing environmental factors that can affect our skin and cause breakouts, such as what we eat and even the weather. We have a few quick tips below, to give you the best fighting chance to avoid nasty breakouts, pimples and blemishes.

  • Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is super important for so many different reasons! Not only does your body use this time to revive, replenish and recover, sleep has a huge effect on your mental wellbeing, and we all know when we’re run down or stressed, our skin is the first to suffer!

  • ALWAYS take your make up off before bed

This goes without saying and should be your top priority to ensure you keep those nasty pimples at bay! Never, ever go to sleep with your make up on, your skin needs time to breathe!

  • Try a silk pillow case

Still not having much luck? Maybe it’s time to switch your pillow case for a silk one. Some of the benefits of using a silk pillowcase include; a cleaner sleep surface, whilst it’s also less drying for both skin and hair!

  • Double cleanse

It may sound silly and you may ask yourself why you need to double cleanse, but if you’re wearing makeup and SPF daily, you NEED to double cleanse to ensure you completely clean your skin. The skin is an extremely porous surface and by double cleansing, we not only give a more thorough cleanse, but it can also allow other skin care products to penetrate much more effectively if pores are unclogged.

  • Avoid too much sugar and dairy in your diet

Excess sugar and dairy in your diet are linked to a higher rate of acne and blemishes according to a recent study. Now we’re not saying to cut the chocolate completely, but life is all about a healthy balance. Try hitting all of your main food groups and getting a good mix of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals in your diet.

  • Try edible probiotics

Probiotic skincare has been all over the marketplace recently, but inside-out can often be the way forward. As the above point mentions, what we consume has a huge impact on our skin, so feeding our gut good bacteria can only have positive effects on our general well-being, and it’s worth a try right?

  • Don’t have your shower too hot

The truth is, washing your face with hot water is bad for your skin. It strips your skin of its natural oils which can cause your skin to dry out, Dry skin equals a compromised moisture barrier—which equals aggravated skin concerns and in turn blemishes. Try turning the shower or tap a little cooler and be kinder to your skin.

  • Pay attention to what your skin is telling you

Skin looking a little bit irritated or dry? Pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you, and react accordingly. Sometimes we can overtreat our skin with too many actives, and we just need some downtime to recover. If you notice any dry or red patches, give your skin a few days off, and stick to a simple cleanse and moisturise routine. You’ll be back to normal in no time!

  • Try not to touch your face!

Did you know that if you are prone to oily skin, touching your face can aggravate the presence of sebum. Every time you touch your face, you are spreading oil and bacteria from one part of your face to the other. We know it’s hard not to constantly play with that zit that’s throbbing on your chin, but it will make it worse!

  • Give your phone a wipe

Think of how many times a day you touch your phone. Now think of all the germs that live and breed on your phone, and you put that to your face! Try wiping down daily with an alcohol wipe, and even do the same with headphones!

  • Repeat your skincare routine after working out

After sweating or working out you should immediately use an exfoliating cleanser to help keep your pores clear and remove any excess oils. Once you’ve cleansed repeat your skincare routine.

  • Try a blemish busting face mask!

Sometimes our skin needs some extra TLC to help bust those blemishes. Our Que Bella Detoxifying Black Peel off Mask is enriched with charcoal and is perfect to help clear pores and blackheads, whilst our Purifying Tea Tree Mud Mask helps to absorb any excess dirt and sebum from the skin.

Tea Tree Mud Mask
  • Don’t over-do your skincare routine

Remember that less is sometimes more. Rapidly cycling through every blemish treatment is a recipe for disaster. Take your time and figure out a routine that’s bespoke and works for you. Using too many active ingredients at once can severely dry out your skin. Instead, stick with just one, or use one in the morning and the other at night.

  • Drink plenty of water!

Whilst drinking water won’t magically solve all your skincare problems, it does improve your overall health and it won’t contribute to any of your current acne or blemish struggles. Water also helps to keep your skin balanced and hydrated!

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