Summer Vacation Checklist

It’s officially our favourite time of year; Summer! This means only one thing, it’s vacation season and we’re totally here for it.

As you pack your bags and jet off for your Summer Vaycay it’s important to make sure you don’t leave behind any of your essentials, or skincare necessities! So we’ve put together a little vacation checklist of our must-have vacation essentials, to get you through your packing. You can thank us later…

Passport / ID

I mean this is the best place to start right? You won’t get very far without your passport or ID, so make it the first thing you pack.


Comfy clothes always! Whether it’s for the plane or car journey, or you just want to make sure you have your fave PJs and trusty bathrobe, we always recommend packing some comfortable clothes.


If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to a different country, ensure you do your research and pack the correct travel adapters for all of your electrical appliances. We always like to pack a spare, because you can never have enough! Especially if you don’t travel light.


Whilst you’re packing your adapters, make sure you also pack your phone charger. Some people prefer the idea of a totally phone-free vacation and a bit of a social media cleanse, but if you’re not one of these people, and you prefer to brag about your pool-side strawberry daiquiri on your Insta story, then make sure you pack your phone charging cable.

Me-time essentials

Vacations are all about me-time and relaxing so we definitely recommend packing some self-care essentials such as luxurious body butters, exfoliating scrubs, and even some cleansing and cooling face masks.

Our cooling avocado face mask and cleansing aloe vera mask are perfect after a day in the sunshine when your skin needs some TLC. Our eye masks are also perfect for the flight! You’ll be the envy of all passengers on board.

A feel-good book

Who doesn’t love losing yourself in a good book, whilst the waves are crashing up against your toes on the beach? We’re daydreaming just thinking about it!

Skincare routine

Whilst you might need to pack light, it’s super important to not totally let your skincare routine slip whilst on vacation. We recommend just taking the bare minimum essentials and simplifying your routine for the sake of your vacay.

  • Cleanser
  • Facial spray or toner
  • Moisturiser (this one is super important as weather changes often mean our skin needs extra hydration)

SPF & Sunscreen

And while we’re talking about your skincare routine, do not forget your facial SPF and high-factor sunscreen, particularly if you’re going to a warm destination. SPF not only helps to protect your skin against harmful UV and UB rays, but it also helps prevent signs of premature ageing + there’s nothing worse than lobster-red sunburn!

Empty water bottle

This one’s not just a vacation essential but an everyday essential as we all know how important keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water is for both your health and your skin. But, particularly in warmer climates, our bodies need more water and fluids.


Remember to pack the shades. In fact, go ahead and pack 2 pairs, because not only do we want to protect our eyes from the sun and UV rays, sunglasses always come in handy when you’re nursing a hangover!

Travel Insurance

Always, always make sure you are insured to travel, especially post-covid this is super important.

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