The Ultimate Pamper Day Guide

You might have noticed that recently we’ve all had to self-isolate or stay at home a little longer than we’d like. It might not seem all that great, but why not use this time to your advantage and spend a day (or a few) focusing on yourself and having the ultimate pamper day. We’ve got a few ideas below that will help you make the most of your well-deserved me-time. You’d be crazy not to enjoy your time at home, unwind and relax!

Binge-watching your favourite shows or films

Now restrictions have lifted and you find yourself back at work you might not have the time to just sit back and watch your favourite shows. However, now’s the perfect time to catch up with your fave TV shows & escape from your busy work life.

We are firm believers that binge-watching is good for the soul and both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a huge selection to choose from, meaning you can find something which is just right for you! Whether you’re into comedies, horror or even a classic Disney film, there is a wide range of things you’ll love.

Feast on your favourite food

Whilst enjoying your fave TV show or movie, why not order your favourite takeout? Or better yet, head to the shop and get all your favourite snacks to indulge on. No matter what the media says about these ‘bad foods, we all deserve to treat ourselves!

Feeling good about yourself

They are soooo many ways to help take care of ourselves, and in turn, make is us feel fabulous. Whether it’s having a bubble bath or painting your nails, it’s a key factor to having the ultimate pamper day. So run a bath, and choose your best nail polish, it’s time to pampered.

Whilst relaxing in your bubble bath, why not try one of our professional face masks? Our Vitamin Glow Glycolic Gel Mask contains orange and lemon oils which will brighten your skin and leave you feeling like you are glowing! What more could you want from an at-home facial?

Alternatively, If you are looking for a mask to tighten your skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by all that hard work in the office, the Recharge & Restore Purple Moonstone Mask does just that! The key ingredient is Sodium Hyaluronate also known as hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate and plump the skin.

These effective and super affordable products can be found at both Target and Amazon and will complete your pamper day.

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