Back to studying: How to prepare mentally by starting physically.

When embarking on new chapters in life, it can be exciting and perhaps even more so nerve-wracking and all-around stressful, to say the least. To put your mind at ease and soothe your soul beforehand, take care of your skin. Your skin goes through so much in an average day, that it does not need to be merely maintained, but enriched, nourished and cared for appropriately.

Que Bella products can restore your tranquillity and enlighten your day instantly, with only 20 minutes of relaxation time needed, although why not take some more time to yourself, you have certainly earned it!

There are numerous ways in which you can factor in a new skincare regime, whether you are becoming an early riser and need to set yourself up for the day with a pore minimising face mask or you prefer applying your pore shrinking mask in the evening with a hot drink and your favourite television programme? Or possibly even a well-deserved pamper night with your friends, using the tea tree mud mask altogether as a group? Ease yourself into relaxation and skin therapy; they should always go hand in hand.

The pore minimising face mask can be applied all over the face and has the after effect of visibly reduced pores. This pore minimising face mask can provide a deep cleanse to the skin and leave it feeling entirely refreshed and soft to the touch. The pore minimising and pore shrinking face mask can enrich your skin at the beginning of your day or deliver the desired smoothness at the end of a long study day; where tensions are usually high.

Using the tea tree mud mask is beneficial for drawing out impurities naturally, through its ingredient of witch hazel. This particular mud mask also contains aloe vera extract, which cools and soothes your skin effortlessly. In addition, the Dead Sea mud powder provides your skin with valuable minerals to leave it feeling smooth at your fingertips. Our mud face mask is certainly purifying to the skin, much like the pore shrinking mask.

Better still, this relaxation skin therapy process only takes less than half an hour to fully complete. Each mask should be left for 20 minutes once applied, to completely soak into and nourish the skin. Then, simply rinse the face with luke-warm water until the mud mask has washed away along with your stress and apprehension. Next, lightly dab a towel over your face to dry and welcome the feeling of revitalisation you are left with: the perfect stress therapy.

Clear skin is the window to a happy heart and it is always worth taking time out of your day to enjoy the benefits. Say goodbye to breakouts and stress and hello to revitalised skin with a pore minimising and pore shrinking face mask; Form Que Bella Beauty.

And remember, caring for your heart should be the same as caring for your skin; self-worth stems from within.

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