Skin myths exposed

It’s so hard to tell what’s legit anymore with so many skin and make up trends on the internet, so we thought it was about time we exposed the most common skin myths and revealed the truth, take a quick read below..

‘Natural ingredients are less irritating for the skin’

Don’t get me wrong, all of us at Que Bella HQ are super fans of natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they can’t irritate your skin. Some of the most common oils which can cause irritation include clove, peppermint, cinnamon and tea tree, so we would always recommend patch testing prior to use on the face. Remember everyone’s skin is different!

‘You should take a break from make up to let your skin breathe’

It’s simply not possible to suffocate your skin with makeup. Sure, having a few make up free days isn’t a bad idea, it allows you cleanse away any build up of dirt and pollution, but your skin does not have teeny tiny lungs within each pore, so perhaps breathe is the wrong phrase to use.

‘Your skin can adapt to products, so they stop working’

Don’t forget that your skin is an organ and it’s likely to change and age from time to time. So when you feel like your product may be broken, it’s actually your skin that’s changed and it’s time to start adapting your products to meet your skins needs.

‘Drugstore products aren’t as good’

Regardless of where they’re sold and how much they cost, most products will contain similar active ingredients. This is particularly the case with anti-aging products. To be absolutely certain, check out the ingredients on the packaging.

‘You’ll eventually outgrow acne’

Well, we wish! Unfortunately girls, age is not a skin type, so just because you turn 30, doesn’t mean acne or blemishes will suddenly disappear.

‘Makeup causes acne’

There is absolutely no research showing that makeup causes acne, however if you don’t remove it properly or consistently, that’s when you’ll run in to problems. See the difference?

‘Scrubs make your skin glow’

Over exfoliating actually leads to extra oil production, so the glow you see the first week will soon turn in to greasy problem skin. This is why we recommend only exfoliating 1 – 2 times per week max!

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