Skin care habits to start now

I really regret looking after my skin… said no one ever!

That’s why we’re teaching you how to protect your skin now, keeping your skin blemish free and looking younger for longer. Have a quick read of the tips below.. 

Wear SPF everyday

This is an essential part of your skincare routine. Even if it isn’t sunny outside you still need to protect your skin from UV exposure. One way you can do this is by finding a decent BB cream or moisturizer with an SPF (of at least 30) already built in it.


Protect your skin from pollution by stocking up on antioxidants. You can include these in your diet but you can also try masks, serums or creams with antioxidant ingredients.

Always remove your make up

We’re always harping on about the importance of removing your make up before bed. It’s so important to cleanse your face every day which will not only keep your skin looking younger for longer, but you’ll be less prone to spots and blemishes.

Stop popping your pimples

We know this is tempting, but pleaseeeee try to resist popping your pimples. It’s seriously not worth the potential permanent scarring or long lasting dark spots.

Sleep more

Now this is one we can all get on board with. At least seven to eight hours sleep a night will help you to achieve clearer skin.

Take care of your hands and neck

It’s not just your face that needs attention so make sure that you extend your serums, reams and masks down past your throat. It’s also important to pay attention to the skin on your hands, which are also prone to sun spots and damage. Ps. we have a great hand mask you can try to help you out with this one.

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