Fresh skin ready for spring

When springtime rolls around, it’s common to declutter the home, have a deep clean, throw open the windows and prepare for a new season. Your skincare regime should be no different.

As the temperature warms and the atmosphere alters, there are certain things that you can implement into your skincare routine that will freshen and protect your skin as we transition between the seasons.

Spring clean your skincare

Spring is a great time of year to breathe new life into your home and body. The first step in doing both of these things could be a mass declutter of your skincare shelf.

Get rid of any products that are past their sell by or opening date – at best these will be ineffective, at worst they can be harmful to the skin. Use this time to restock on products that are going to be part of your new, springtime regime. You could also use this as an opportunity to try some new, pampering products such as a gel face mask or scrub.


During the colder months, our skin can easily become dry, flaky and chapped. It’s a great idea to do an intense, full body exfoliation at the beginning of spring to shed any winter skin and expose the new, polished layer underneath.

Remember that in springtime, more of our skin will be on show so make sure it looks healthy and glowing. Use a gel face mask, mud mask or peel off face mask from within our range to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

Protect against allergies

As the temperature rises, so do levels of pollen and other allergens in the atmosphere. You may think that this won’t necessarily impact on your skin but allergies can sometimes create severe inflammation, redness and swelling in the skin…not to mention dryness under the nose from all that sneezing! Protecting yourself against your allergies with the relevant medication is also protection for your skin.


Springtime weather can be notoriously interchangeable and the differing temperatures can cause the skin to become dehydrated and dry. Light, daily serums are perfect for this time of year while heavier moisturising creams should be reserved for night time.

You could also consider an intense, weekly treatment such as a gel face mask, mud mask or peel off face mask for an extra boost of hydration.

Don’t forget your SPF

As we start to see a little more sun it’s important to remember your SPF. Even if it doesn’t feel especially hot, the sun’s UV rays can still cause damage through clouds or even glass windows. Opt for a daily moisturiser, primer or foundation that includes a high level SPF.

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