6 Masks

Mud Mask

Mud masks are perfect for when your skin is need of a detox! Some of the main benefits of mud masks include their ability to help draw out impurities and absorb excess oils from the skin, meaning they’re perfect for both oily and combination skin types. Not only do they help to deeply cleanse the skin, our mud masks are packed with detoxifying ingredients such as tea tree and cleansing kaolin to name a few.

Our Pore Minimizing Mud Mask is one of our best-selling mud masks, and the clue is certainly in the name. The multi-tasking blend of ingredients all work to balance your skin and help to reduce stubborn blemishes.

The mud mask format helps to dry out the skin and absorb dirt and impurities, so we recommend a mud mask at least once a week to keep your skin in tip-top shape! If you’re looking for a mask which helps to purify the skin, then our Tea Tree Mud Mask will be the perfect option. The blend of thermal muds and tea tree oil  helps to revive and cleanse the skin, whilst having the same detoxifying effects as a standard mud mask.