Professional Detoxifying Intense Black Peel off Mask

(21 customer reviews)


Professional Detoxifying Intense Black Peel off Mask

(21 customer reviews)


When it comes to blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores, we all know the struggle is real. That’s why Que Bella created the Professional Intense Detoxifying Black Peel Off Mask! The use of charcoal in this facial treatment works to detoxify and deeply cleanse your skin, whilst also helping to balance and purify the skin. Peeling off the mask takes away impurities and blockages from your pores. When you peel away the mask, you should be able to see impurities from your skin on the residue, and your skin should feel squeaky clean and fresh with tighter pores! Our number 1 best-selling face mask!

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● Dermatologically tested and easy to use
● Designed to help remove stubborn blackheads
● Helps to unblock your pores
● Features charcoal to cleanse your skin
● Helps to tighten your pores

Directions for Use

Cleanse your face with warm water and gently apply the Que Bella Intense Detoxifying Black Peel Off Mask with your fingertips, avoiding your eyes and eyebrows. Kick back and relax for up to 20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. Peel the mask away gently and wash off any remaining face mask with warm water.


This face mask is for external use by adults only and needs to be kept out of the reach of children. Do not use this product on sensitive or broken skin. We recommend testing a small quantity of the face mask on the inside of the upper arm prior to use – if sensitivity occurs, do not use it. Avoid contact with your eyes and, if the product gets into your eyes, rinse them well with clean water. Follow the directions.

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  1. Kirstie

    My skin feels amazing although the product took a while to dry and it was quite messy when applying. I would buy this product again but would maybe use a towel on my lap whilst applying.

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  2. Emma

    I have quite oily blackhead prime skin so I was keen to try this out. The product was quite messy to apply and there seemed to be tons left in the package after applying an even layer. The mask took a bit longer to dry then 20 mins but parts of it did peel off quite easily after about 25 mins. I wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be but my skin did feel and look a bit clearer!

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