Everyone suffers with enlarged and unsightly pores at certain times and this annoying problem can be caused by several factors. The most common reason for pores appearing more noticeable is excess oil. This can be due to wearing too much or the wrong kind of make-up, the climate and even hormones can play a role.

The best way to keep these pesky little things at bay is to treat yourself regularly to one of the Que Bella pore minimising face masks. We have two masks which have been specifically created to reduce the appearance of pores and both will leave your skin feeling and looking amazing.

The Que Bella pore minimising mask both helps to absorb excess oils as well as cleanse the skin. The mask can be used as an all over face mask, or applied directly to the target areas, such as the nose and nose creases. The ingredients of zinc salt, vitamin A and iris extract deep cleanse the skin and the peppermint oil, kaolin and bentonite absorb any excess oils. This mask also smells divine due its rosemary, nettle and witch hazel properties, giving a gorgeous tea tree scent.

For a truly professional experience, try the Que Bella professional detoxifying intense black peel-off mask, which has been enriched with charcoal powder. This mask is a customer favourite and when the mask is peeled off from the face, the impurities are literally stripped away and can be seen on the residue, leaving the skin tingling and pores reduced.