Mmmm watermelon, what’s not to love!? At no surprise, the fruity, fresh scent is one of the most popular in our face mask range. No matter what your skin type you can treat yourself to our reviving watermelon face mask

The watermelon scented range provides some tropical freshness with a whole lot of smoothing and hydration for your skin. The peel off mask will give you a more plump feel and a less tired look, you will truly have the watermelon face mask glow! 

It’s been known that the watermelon face mask for acne really works. It will help reduce redness and irritation along with relieving you of future breakouts. Your brighter complexion will show as soon as you have peeled off the watermelon face mask to which you will see how flawless the results are. 

When using our watermelon face mask or any other facial masks in our range we always advise to check the warnings and carefully follow the directions for applying. Opt for one of our gorgeous scented watermelon face masks today, this fruitastic explosion is the perfect treat for a bit of self love.