Tea Tree

At Que Bella, we offer our customers a range of luxury, high-quality, effective face masks, suitable for all skin types and needs.

Whether you want to target a particular area, or just treat your skin to a luxury experience, we have a mask for you. For those of you who enjoy the aroma and tingling sensation of tea tree, we have two masks which will leave your skin feeling amazing.

Tea tree has been used as a treatment for skin conditions for over a hundred years and was discovered in New South Wales, Australia. Since then, many studies have shown it can help reduce inflammation and skin irritation, used by people throughout the world.

One of our most popular masks is the pore minimising t-zone mud mask. This contains zinc, rosemary, nettle and vitamin A and leaves the skin refreshed and smooth. Suitable for either an all-over face treatment or to target specific areas, the mask gently and effectively cleanses the area, getting deep into the pores. Using core ingredients including peppermint oil, witch hazel, kaolin and bentonite, the mask absorbs excess oils which then reduces the appearance of large, unsightly pores. Customers experiencing problematic skin around the nose and forehead zone will especially benefit from this treatment.

For anyone looking for a purifying face treatment, our tea tree and witch hazel mud mask contain a range of antioxidants and toning properties. Ingredients including dead sea mud powder and aloe vera which is used to soothe the skin, this enriched purifying mask has added minerals which will leave the skin feeling soft to the touch.