Is your skin looking dull and washed out? Want your skin to feel revitalised? By using a peel-off facemask, it will feel as if you’ve brought the spa to your home. We stock facemasks with beautiful scents that target various skincare issues. Our strawberry-scented, peel-off facemask will help with nourishment, toning and moisturisation. Not only leaving your skin smelling gorgeous, but peel-off facemasks are also known to clear clogged pores and can aid with combating acne.

We all have to face the sad reality that we are going to age, but let’s ensure we age gracefully by looking after our skin. A lot of anti-wrinkle products out there combat wrinkles when they have already appeared. Instead of being reactive, isn’t it better to be proactive? A peel-off facemask is what you need to help combat signs of ageing before they’ve even appeared.

We all know, patience is the key to glowing skin. Wouldn’t we all love to flick that magic wand, look in the mirror and see perfect skin reflected back at us? It’s pretty rare to find a product that’ll change your complexion after one use – you may have to try different products to find the right one for you. However, there’s an exception to every rule! With peel-off facemasks, you will see a noticeable glow after one use and your skin will receive a healthy exfoliation. By using our strawberry-scented mask, your skin will be left with a fruity fragrance that will linger even after you’ve peeled it off.

While some products may feel like a lot of effort is needed to apply them, these masks are super simple to apply and fun of peeling them off is so satisfying. We stock a variety of peel-off facemasks, check out our range now!