All that texting, typing and selfie-taking! Your hands see more action than a lot of your other body parts, yet we tend to neglect them and forget they need nourishment too. We stock hand masks that moisturise, giving your hands back the nutrients they deserve, whilst leaving them with the gorgeous scent of shea butter.

Shea butter is made of the fat from the nuts of the shea tree. Not only leaving your skin smelling great, the fatty acids and vitamins in the shea butter are the ideal ingredients for softening skin and restoring the moisture that’s been lost. Don’t forget, hands wrinkle too, and shea butter is great for toning the skin, also acting as a proactive way to target those pesky signs of ageing. Shea butter will also work wonders for people who work with their hands a lot, maybe doing manual labour or cleaning. The shea will really help with tackling dry and cracked hands, soothing them and bringing back smoothness.

Whilst it is so important to stay clean and hygienic, many antibacterial handwashes can suck all the nutrients out of the skin. Call in the hand masks to save our hands without compromising on cleanliness and fresh scents. The skin on our hands can also lose elasticity and volume, which can bring out veins and show off unwanted fine lines. This is caused by frequent sun exposure, hormonal changes and the frequency in which we use them. We stock hand masks that can also help with the prevention of these issues whilst leaving the fragrance of oatmeal and shea butter, even after the mask has been taken off.

Our hand masks leave hands smelling fresh, moisturised and revitalised. So remember to give your hands the TLC they deserve and check out our hand mask range!