If you need pampering, then our selection of rose-scented products are ideal. Specifically, our masks combine rosehip with other soothing and refreshing natural ingredients such as aloe vera or green tea. Help smooth and hydrate your skin whilst tackling wrinkles and flaws to make your face cleaner, softer and younger in appearance.

The scent of roses is unmistakable and much-loved. It’s the smell of romance, associated with some of the world’s most beautiful flowers. Rosewater also has a natural moisturising effect, meaning it is a practical as well as an aesthetic choice in a health or beauty product. Choose roses for the most fragrant way to take care of your skin.

A look back into history will show how roses have been used in medicine, food and perfume for thousands of years. The Persians were particularly fond of the rose fragrance and it spread through the Arab world before reaching everywhere from Europe to India. Now Que Bella has taken this history and applied it to our expertly produced masks, all developed by professional chemists.

We use all-natural ingredients in our masks, which are designed for all skin types. Whether you have dry or oily skin, we have thoroughly tested our products to ensure they are safe and effective. We even have vegan options so you can be comfortable knowing they were ethically sourced without harming animals.

Each of our masks is slightly different, so make sure you read the instructions beforehand, but with proper care and attention, you will soon be able to give your face the loving treatment it deserves.

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