Green Tea

Forget boiling the kettle and drinking your green tea, we have a green tea face mask which is a lot less effort with plenty more benefits. The green tea extract is quite a distinctive one but there is definitely something about it that is very calming and makes for a relaxed, self love and care facial treatment. 

A little tip we always like to share when it comes to the green tea face mask sheet is to leave it in the fridge first before use. The refrigerated mask will be an extra cool treat. 

It is true that the green tea face mask for acne works wonders but there are also many other benefits that can be gained when opting for the green tea mask. Not only will your skin feel moisturised and rejuvenated but it will also reduce redness & irritation and fight premature aging. Green tea face masks are also known for protecting the skin against cancer due to its contents. 

Not only is the scent of our green tea face mask peel off fabulous but the benefits that come with it too are pretty great. Whether you use the green tea face mask for acne scars, oily skin or wrinkles there are definitely benefits for anyone giving this one a go, so put the teabags to one side and start applying our green tea face mask sheet!