Who doesn’t love a bit of coconut? The refreshing scent was a must when creating our face masks. Our coconut face mask is a customer favourite; it’s one of ours too. Coconut always reminds us of a holiday scent, the tropical extract of our coconut range will give you a relaxed and refreshing burst of moisture in your skin care routine. 

Not only does our coconut face mask act as a great hydrator but we would highly recommend the coconut face mask for ache. The creamy, nourishing blend is great for dry, normal and combination skin types, we have seen some fantastic results on how our creamy coconut mask sheet has improved the appearance of acne and the overall smoothness of skin. 

All of the products in our coconut scented range are dermatology tested and cruelty free. Try out one of our tropical face masks for yourself, we are pretty certain the flawless results and fabulous scent will send you coco-nuts!

Be sure to follow our guidelines on how to apply the mask and read all the warnings before proceeding with use of our coconut face mask sheet. If you need any help or assistance from one of our specialists don’t hesitate to drop us a message.