Luscious scarlet red in colour, sweet-tasting and distinctively fruity in aroma, the cherry is also a delicious treat for your skin! These small but vividly coloured fruits and their delightfully juicy fragrance are both popular and playful in their identity, as well as packing a nutrient-dense punch when it comes to high performing skincare.

A firm favourite in our collection of natural blends, cherries are jam-packed with health benefiting nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that will hydrate, protect and balance your skin, for a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

The cherry is antibacterial by nature and rich in collagen-boosting vitamin C. These skin essential properties help to balance your skin and lock in moisture, leaving your complexion clear and supple and your natural radiance restored. They are unique in their antioxidant strength and help to defend your skin in its daily battle against environmental aggressors, calming the dermis and slowing down the effects of ageing.

Used as one of your self-care practices, Que Bella’s cherry enriched collection offers you a nourishing and restorative skincare experience without a visit to the Spa. Treat yourself in the comfort of your own home and treat yourself to some me-time. Your skin will be quenched by the calming properties, helping to reduce inflammation, as well as combating dullness, whilst the fruity high notes of this iconic scent will stimulate your senses. Our cherry range of products will not only brighten your skin, but they will also lift your mood too, leaving you looking and feeling your best self.