Deliciously crisp apples, what’s not to love? Our mouthwatering scent of just-picked apples transports you to a sunny summer’s day in a country garden. Fresh and crisp, our apple-scented masks are a popular choice when it comes to our fruit-scented collection.

While a facial skincare routine is vital, caring for your whole body including your feet, is just as important. Your feet are under a lot of pressure from morning until night and sometimes just putting your feet up won’t cut it. Our foot mask range provides you with the opportunity to take the pressure off your feet by revitalising and moisturising them.

The lovely apple-scented Que Bella Intensive Foot Mask is enriched with soothing apple extract and shea butter to help soften dry, hard, and cracked skin on your soles and heels. The ultimate in self-care, our Professional Intensive sock-style foot masks are super easy to use and are designed for convenience. Just tear or cut the top of the mask, and slip onto your feet for a quick fix spa at-home treatment. Just one of these treatments should improve the texture and tone of the skin on your feet while helping you to relax. Pop them on, sit down and allow yourself to be transported into a summer orchard filled, with the sharp yet sweet scent of apple.

Our masks are innovative and playful with high-quality ingredients and extracts. Specifically designed with our customers in mind, we want our products to leave you feeling both amazing and your best self!