Professional Hydrating Birch Leaf Moisture Mask

(13 customer reviews)


Professional Hydrating Birch Leaf Moisture Mask

(13 customer reviews)


Even the most cared for skin gets a little bit thirsty once in a while! If you (and your skin) can relate, the Que Bella Professional Hydrating Birch Leaf Mask will be your BFF. This intensely moisturizing facial treatment contains shea and cocoa butters to nourish your skin and get it back to feeling like its best self. These soothing butters work hand in hand with the birch leaf extract which is there to help refine your skin’s appearance. Birch leaf extract has so many enticing properties making it a cleansing and toning agent all in one. Enriched with an amazing blend of oils including, olive oil, grape-seed oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil, you’ll be left with soft, smooth and glowing skin! This is seriously one of our favourite masks, with the most beautiful essential oils and extracts in!

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● Dermatologically tested and easy to use
● Intense hydration for your skin
● Enriched with shea and cocoa butters and birch leaf extract
● Designed to help smooth and soften your skin

Directions for Use

Cleanse your face with warm water and gently apply the mask with your fingertips. Kick back and relax for up to 15 minutes while the Que Bella Hydrating Birch Leaf Mask gets to work. Once you’ve finished nourishing your skin, lather the gel and rinse off the mask with warm water. Pat your face dry with a soft towel or cloth.


This face mask is for external use by adults only and needs to be kept out of the reach of children. Do not use this product on sensitive or broken skin. We recommend testing a small quantity of the face mask on the inside of the upper arm prior to use – if sensitivity occurs, do not use it. Avoid contact with your eyes and, if the product gets into your eyes, rinse them well with clean water. Follow the directions.

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  1. Karen Waring

    I requested a sample of this product and Que Bella didn’t hesitate to send it and it arrived super quick. I used this as I have quite dry skin so wanted something to help hydrate my skin and this birch leaf moisture mask did just that.

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  2. Lauren H

    Loved how thick the consistency of this face mask is lacks in smell but left my skin looking healthier.

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  3. Kerry

    I adore this mask. The smell is fresh, easy to apply and very light on the skin – easy to forget it’s there! It gently lathered on removal leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. There is enough in the sachet for two applications. The packaging states the product is vegan – wonderful. I highly recommend this mask especially if skin tends to be dry or sensitive.

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  4. Polly

    Much needed product after my skin was left dry from the sun. Skin felt so hydrated after.

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  5. Lisa

    I loved this face mask, you get so much product in the packet and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I also liked how it lathers on your face when you are taking it off with the water, like a two in one face mask and wash.

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  6. Tracey

    Green face mask transformed me from the incredible hulk, to just feeling incredible.. From tired and sad looking skin, to hydrated and more youthful skin… Easy to apply, and rinse off.. Loved it

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  7. Jodie

    Had a warm feel and smelt really nice. Felt very natural and left skin feeling smooth

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  8. Crystal

    This mask just brought my skin back to life. I have a lovely glow now will definitely buy this again.

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  9. Frayja

    This is a fab all rounder mask! Tired grumpy skin feels amazing. Got a lovely glow and clean feeling. Smoothes skins, lathers when you qas off, no residue. Its brilliant.

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  10. Luella

    Brought my skin back to life, great mask and lots of product, definitely recommend.

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  11. Leah

    Used this in a morning before heading out for day to freshen my skin – it’s great!

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  12. Emma

    Nice mask, very hydrating, natural smell. It was very liquid once applied on your skin, it melt down a bit, so I had to remove before 10 minute.

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  13. Jeanne

    Perfect! Hydrated my skin and plumped it back out!

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