Are you looking for a face mask that offers luxurious relaxation properties while also feeding your skin with a number of the best nutrients? Look no further than our superfood face mask range, which offers everything from hydration to reviving to brightening properties.

When you think of superfoods what pictures does your mind conjure up? Berries, citrus fruits, green vegetables? By definition a superfood is ‘a nutrient rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellbeing’ ( Experts argue that there are up to 25 superfoods in existence that we should be indulging in to benefit our bodies, hair and skin.

However, at Que Bella we have carefully selected some of our – and your – favourite scents and fruit elements to bring you a range that is diverse, beneficial and also highly enjoyable to use as a product.

Our Que Bella superfood face mask range indeed includes a variety of nutritious fruit extracts while also offering the detoxifying benefits of green tea and matcha.

Among our selection is a refreshing pomegranate peel off mask, a reviving watermelon peel off mask, a cooling avocado clay mask, a hydrating pineapple peel off mask, and a detoxifying green tea and matcha jelly mask.

What’s more, you can now buy new face mask baubles which make amazing stocking stuffers and which offer a range of fruit extracts to keep your skin feeling hydrated.

Our products are formulated with the best extracts and key ingredients to help care for all skin types.

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