Rosehip is a product that has caught the attention of the health and beauty industry in recent years, and we have a growing range of beauty and bath products using rosehip as their principle ingredient.

Rosehip is rich in nutrients and offers impressive disease-fighting properties, making it an increasingly popular choice for pharmaceuticals and natural remedies. The industry has therefore embraced the red-orange toned seed-filled bulbs, also known as ‘fruit of the rose’.

One of the primary benefits of rosehip is its ability to target inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, while also contributing to collagen synthesis and, more importantly, immune health. Rosehip is used as a source of vitamin C and contains a range of other natural chemicals which can help tackle a variety of health conditions. One such condition is osteoarthritis. Ingesting rosehip is said to reduce pain and stiffness and improve mobility and function.

Among our rosehip range are an array of bath and beauty products to help you to relax and take in the wonderful scent of this natural plant-based product, while also benefitting from its nutritious antioxidants. Why not take a look at our indulgent rosehip oil mud masks, enriched with aloe vera, to give all skin types a good pamper session. Or the vegan friendly professional illuminating rose quartz glitter peel-off mask with wonderful conditioning properties.

Que Bella products offer high quality ingredients and extracts and our brand is passionate about catering to all skin types and skin concerns for everyone.

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