Rose Gold

You would treat your wardrobe to a sparkly piece every now and then, wouldn’t you? And you wouldn’t hesitate to pay out for a luxurious pair of pinky-gold earrings to add to your jewellery collection would you not? Then why not treat your skin to the same rich sumptuous experience? And with the festive season almost upon us, a glitter-infused rose gold skincare package would make the perfect gift for that special someone!

Rose gold qualities

While rose gold isn’t a necessary nutrient or essential oil, no one can deny the healing effects of a bit of magic sparkle in their lives. Silver and gold have had their time in the limelight and have proven that their worth will last forever, yet rose gold is a slightly more modern take on these classic metals and adds a touch of feminine glamour to anything it shines on. Rose gold is both soft and shimmering with a mixture of warm and cool tones. Once upon a time, pink was associated with girly pamper days but now spa-lovers are embracing the more lavishly luxe rose gold trend!

Rose gold health and beauty

Among our extensive collection of face masks is a stunning rose quartz glitter peel off mask, intended for all skin types. New in 2020 this deluxe mask illuminates the skin, leaving your T zone positively glowing. So if you want luxurious silky-smooth skin that shimmers, go ahead and buy our vegan-friendly mask which contains real gold powder and nourishes the skin cells thanks to the wonderful skin conditioning qualities of rose water.

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