Here at Que Bella Beauty, we believe the key to beauty is understanding the power of being gentle. Our skin is exposed to many elements that cause unwanted residue to build up. The time-honoured ritual of applying face masks is a clever and kind solution for clogged, agitated skin. A good purifying mask will remove impurities, gently clean and infuse your skin with essential nutrients.

Our cost-effective purifying products harness the potency of natural ingredients such as Dead Sea mud to nurture, cleanse and saturate your skin in its healing minerals. We also use natural astringents such as tea tree and witch hazel, renowned for cleansing and balancing your skin while maintaining its natural oils.

We believe beauty treatments are an empowering, fun and easy way to focus some quality time on yourself. We create beauty products that celebrate the dynamic power of self-care. Twenty minutes a week doesn’t sound like a lot, but mental health experts confirm that regular self-care is an astonishing and powerful way to stay energised. All you need to do is select a purifying face mask ideal for your skin type, follow the easy instructions, slather it on and relax for twenty minutes.

Our range of face masks are packaged as a gift for yourself and those you love, wrapped up in a price that is easily affordable for all. In today’s uncertain times, with so many of us spending time at home, why not catch up remotely with your friends using technology to enjoy a Que Bella facial session? We have created products to cater for everyone, at any time of year. Check out our seasonal holiday masks for some extra fun treats!

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