Why not try our detoxifying green tea and matcha jelly mask, enriched with witch hazel and seaweed extracts with a mild scent of green tea? This mask, which is a blend of all these superfoods, will have a beneficial detoxifying and moisturising effect on your skin and leave it feeling soft, fresh, toned and moisturised.

Drinking green tea is said to be really good for your health, with matcha also known for its health-giving properties. We have incorporated some witch hazel, which has been used for centuries in skincare routines, and some seaweed extract, as seaweed is full of rich minerals from the sea. We know you will love this unique combination of powerhouse ingredients. This mask, formulated in a jelly, would suit most skin types but especially dry, combination or normal.

Apply the green tea and matcha jelly mask generously over your cleansed face and sit back and relax while the green tea and matcha stimulate and deeply cleanse the pores of your skin. The cooling effect of the witch hazel will smooth your complexion and tone your pores, while the seaweed extract will nourish your skin with sea minerals. For an extra stimulating effect, you could place your mask in the fridge to cool before application.

Que Bella has a wide selection of different beautifying skin masks to suit all skin types, which come in a variety of blends to suit all tastes. You can’t go far wrong with this professional green tea and matcha jelly mask with extracts of witch hazel and seaweed as part of your cleansing and detoxifying weekly skincare routine.