Who doesn’t love glitter, right? Well why not include glitter in your favourite weekly facial? Not only do our glitter face masks love amazing, they’re super good for your skin packed with amazing ingredients!

We currently have 3 masks in our glitter peel off face mask range, which have been so popular with our customers and Instagram influencers. Our rose quartz glitter peel off mask, is enriched with rose water, and real gold powder, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus the subtle rose fragrance is divine.

The pink in appearance peel off mask, is packed with tiny iridescent rose gold glitter, and looks amazing for the 20 minutes that you wear it! Plus with rose quartz extract, if you’re a believer in crystal healing this mask is certainly for you! Whilst all of our glitter peel off masks are enriched with sodium hyaluronate, a plumping and super hydrating ingredient, each mask is unique and contains different key ingredients.

The holographic peel off mask is a best-seller, with a lilac-pink tone and colour changing shimmer particles. With a botanical blend of jasmine and violet, this mask is perfect for our girly-girls!

Not only does it helps to hydrate and plump the skin, the blend of ingredients helps to leave your skin looking more radiant. The shimmer particles really help to leave your skin glowing, so be sure to take a selfie, before, during and after!

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