Here at Que Bella Beauty, we are huge fans of self-care and pampering. What is the first thing lost of us think about when planning a pampering session for ourselves? A face mask, of course!

Face masks come in a variety of types, from a refreshing sheet mask to a luxurious cream mask, a hard-working clay mask and a revitalising peel-off mask. No matter which type of mask you choose, they are fun to apply, relaxing to use, and leave the skin on your face feeling clean, fresh and nourished.

What better way to nourish your skin than with nature’s very own deliciously indulgent treasures? We are obsessed with the natural properties of fruit and the benefits these have on your skin. The nutrients, vitamins and moisture of the fruits in these masks are absorbed directly into your skin’s pores, giving you that beautiful glow.

These wonderful masks are made for all skin types – from dry to oily, combination and normal skin, everyone can benefit from our fruit face masks. We recommend that you use a face mask two to three times a week in addition to your usual daily facial skin routine. Face masks give your skin a more intensive treatment, and your face deserves a treat at least a few times a week!

Even the busiest people amongst us can carve out the time to apply a face mask, as it only takes up to 20 minutes to indulge in this relaxing ritual. Treat yourself to a fruit face mask today